Jiawei Fu

Jiawei Fu

Phd Candidate in Politics

New York University

Hi~ I am a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at NYU. I am interested in a variety of topics in social science. In Methodology, I primarily study causal mechanisms and moderation. I am working on a novel and straightforward identification strategy for causal mediation analysis. The new method can convert a challenging mediation analysis problem into a simple linear regression problem. This allows researchers simultaneously estimate treatment and mediated effects.

In formal theory, I am particularly interested in information and communication. The current project is on full revelation in the deliberation and debate. As you expected, I am both a Theoretical Implications of Empirical Model (TIEM) guy and an Empirical Implication of Theoretical Model (EITM) guy.

Substantively, I study bureaucracy and inequality, with a special focus on China.

This year, I am looking for a post-doc position!

You can reach me via email: jf3739@nyu.edu.

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  • Methodology
  • Formal Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Health
  • PhD in Politics, 2018-2024

    New York University

  • MA in Political Science, 2016-2018

    Duke University

  • LLB, 2012-2016