Jiawei Fu

Jiawei Fu

Phd Candidate in Politics

New York University

Hi~ I am a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at New York University.

In Methodology, I primarily study causal mechanisms and heterogeneous treatment effects. My dissertation develops theoretical foundations and statistical methods for identifying and estimating mediation effects in the social sciences. I have proposed a new identification strategy for mediation analysis, which can transform a challenging mediation analysis problem into a simple linear regression problem without compromising the non-parametric nature. The method enables researchers to estimate treatment and mediated effects simultaneously.

In Formal Theory, my research centers on information and dynamic games. Currently, my project explores the full revelation problem of deliberation and debate. As you might anticipate, I align with two “sects”: a proponent of Theoretical Implications of Empirical Models (TIEM) and an advocate for the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM).

My substantive research spans various topics, including epidemiology, global health, and political economy. In particular, I study bureaucracy and inequality, with a particular focus on China. My latest work investigates the implicit influence of the affluent on political responsiveness in authoritarian regimes. Overall, I maintain an open mind towards all compelling research projects!

You can reach me via email: jf3739@nyu.edu.

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  • Methodology
  • Formal Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Health
  • PhD in Politics, 2018-2024

    New York University

  • MA in Political Science, 2016-2018

    Duke University

  • LLB, 2012-2016